Internal medicine


The amaxophobia is definitely a crippling fear that manifests itself in some people – sometimes already affected by an anxiety disorder – and that affects the lives of those who, having obtained a driver’s license, can not under any circumstances to drive the car because you do not hear or do not do it because […]


An allergy is a reaction of the body¬† to one or more foreign molecules (antigens or allergens), erroneously considered harmful by the immune system, in case of food allergies, the immune-mediated reaction is triggered by certain proteins in food themselves. Food allergy may be immune-mediated glubulin-E or NOT IgE mediated, and occur within a few […]


The urethritis is the acute or chronic inflammation of the urethra, a small duct that conveys urine from the bladder to the outside. Is often accompanied by pain and urethral burning, which become more intense during urination. The urethritis recognizes different agents random and the etiology may be from time to time viral, bacterial, fungal, […]

Ischemic heart disease

The heart, like other organs of the human body to live and function properly requires the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. The supply of these substances is ensured by the presence of a dense network of vessels, which together form the coronary system. The coronary circulation, as well as that of the whole body, […]